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FAVOURITES | Leopard Babies

I have been itching to show you (and the world) these new pairs of shoes since I found them in one hectic shop in China. I mean, aren't they cute (and awesome, and unexpected)? Took these pictures in a rush so perhaps you cannot see the details well, but the moment I saw them, I knew they have got to be mine. If you may recall, I have written some thoughts on transparent shoes but these babies are just too good to be true.

The leopard part is actually made of synthetic hair with just the right amount to cover my toes. As if they aren't cute enough, the peeking pink accent simply adds the right touch to the fierce looking motifs. Honestly I haven't taken them out for a walk, so the tests of comfortableness and durability are still pending. These shoes are made in China anyway but I keep my hope rather high this time, compared with my other broken ones from the previous trip.

And... I start my full-time job tomorrow! Anxious and excited!

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