It's Saturday and I finally have a little energized time to do errands (read: post on my blog and maintain VOCIFEROUS while updating story lines of some television shows). It hasn't been a wonderful week behind me but now I am taking things slowly and trying to post here at least three times a week or more quality posts like this one, if you like to read, of course (!). Now, moving on to another matter...

As a lot of people mention that fashion is one big cycle, trends that come and go and come again and fade again with some extra touch to make it more sophisticated and in-the-moment, for these past months I have taken a note of the increasing use of pajamas as daily wear. No, not that kind of wear when you lounge around the whole day, do nothing beside sitting in front of the TV laptop and eating cereals three times a day (I am not a big fan of cereals, thus this has never happened to me). The extensive use of pajamas outside the bedroom here means that the girls seriously throw on some two-piece-set and call it a day.

Debatable, right? I guess the one that has started this fairly questionable outfit is none other than the charismatic and talented man, Ryan Gosling. He wore this blue-and-white pairing to Cannes Film Festival back then in 2011 and later on his photos are spread all over the world, call for both admiration, style debate, and unconsciously, a trend. Sure, there were definitely some periods in the past where men and women crawl from their bed and head to dinner in fancy restaurants (I probably just make this up so please bear with me) in their pajamas, but for the year 2012, I not-so-secretly believe that Gosling starts it all.

*if you haven't watched his movie, Drive, you definitely should.

I have nothing against it, really, if the look is gracefully composed, then why not? With certain elegance and rather lazy depiction, wearing pajamas for me actually takes a lot more effort than it seems. It is all about elevating the use of certain clothing items--making it multi-functional and purposely ready to serve the daily needs. The notion of styling pajamas is not that simple since there are some facets a man/woman needs to go through to make it day-appropriate. And when some day we can wear pajamas to work (I guess my occupation will allow me to do so, in one fashionable way), I will be the one of many who approve.

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